Avoid showing your Cards on Social Media after an Auto Accident

While social media is an amazing network that people use to keep in touch and share ideas, it can ruin your chances of winning your personal injury case. If you are a victim of an auto crash, the law allows you to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered. You should also get compensated for pain, suffering, and other related damages. However, as your Toledo personal injury attorney will tell you, what you post on social might ruin your claim.

Think of your personal injury lawsuit is almost ending and you feel victorious. Then, the opposing counsel brings forward a social media post – the one you were skydiving a few days ago while you were ‘hospitalized due to injuries.’ Never let such devastating errors ruin your case.

The moment you get involved in a crash, you should focus on recovering fully and take good care of yourself. After all, it is flat out irresponsible to file a lawsuit for ongoing pain and suffering while you are busy skydiving and you are actually not suffering. Besides, your personal injury lawyer has worked so hard to build a strong case and present the right evidence. So, don’t make social media mistakes that will give the opposing counsel good ammo to fire your attorney back with.

Is it possible to avoid social media?

Often, lawyers tell their clients to stay away from social media or even alter their social media accounts settings to private until the completion of their lawsuits. Unfortunately, whenever you post anything on social media or the internet, taking down that post permanently isn’t an easy task. Even when you delete a post or change your account to private, archive sites or cached sites will still show this content.

Therefore, it is recommended to act paranoid and always assume that someone with the right hacking skills and determination is likely to find what you have put on the internet. Besides, the defending side’s attorney can get a court order to acquire your social media records from Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and more. Even if your profile and all social media posts are private, the court may require the social network to turn over your details.

In today’s age, nearly everything is discussed online, and the chances are that you rely on social media for work. That means if the opposing side gets a court order to access your text messages, phone records, and even GPS location and other pieces of data, things might go southwards. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid social media and limit your conversations about the lawsuit. Actually, you should let your personal injury lawyer handle the case on your behalf.

You must have heard this phrase ‘anything you say may be used against you during the trial.’ Well, it is the same as saying that anything that you post on social media may be used against you in court. Therefore, use social media wisely, especially if you have a pending case in court.