DUI Traffic Stops In Las Vegas: What Are Your Rights?

During a DUI traffic stop in Las Vegas, there are laws that outline what is legally permissible for you and the police to do. That means you can make moves that can land in you in trouble or have the police violating your rights without you knowing it.

As a motorist, there are basic things you are supposed to keep in mind to prevent your anthill of a situation from becoming a mountain. More importantly, there are things you should not let a police officer do to you just because they have suspected you of driving while intoxicated. Read on for a compilation of some of the most commonly violated rights in Las Vegas:

The right to remain silent

Talking is most likely what is going to land you in trouble during a DUI stop. Feeling compelled to argue with the police can lead you to say things that can be used against you during the trial. Consider refraining from sharing any information with the police at least until you meet a Las Vegas DUI lawyer.

The right to dissent searches

Body and car searches are not uncommon in traffic stops. Of interest is that not many motorists know that the search can’t be conducted without their consent. You may, however, be subjected to body and car searches if the police officer has probable cause or if you have been arrested.

The right to talk to an attorney

If you have been put in custody and your car impounded following a DUI traffic stop, the best thing you can do is hire an attorney immediately. Their legal knowledge is essential both in navigating the court process and understanding your rights while in the hands of the police.

The right to ask if you are free to go

If you have been stopped in Las Vegas, you have the right to ask if you are free to drive off. If you are given an okay, just walk calmly away from the scene to avoid eliciting further suspicions and potentially prolonging your stop. Also, keep in mind that this doesn’t apply if you are arrested.

Remember, it is impossible to predict what the police officers are going to do after stopping you for suspected drunk driving. They could threaten you or bait you into incriminating yourself using fake promises. Spurn any sweet-talking and keep your cool even after sighting such antics. This is a situation that could land you in prison, and the last thing you want is to contribute to the prospect.

Find a seasoned lawyer to handle your charges on your behalf. Trying to do it yourself is risking a DUI conviction. Note that the prosecutors will almost always seek the maximum penalties regardless of whether this is your first time getting arrested for drunk-driving.

Even if you are innocent and believe prosecutors won’t present enough evidence for a conviction, it is never worth putting all your hopes on that. Seek the services of a lawyer immediately you are arrested for informed guidance on what to do.