What Should You Know About Director Penalty Notice Defences?

Being the director of a company can come with numerous benefits. In fact, most people enjoy being the director for a company, as it means that they have quite a bit of power over the company and how it works. On the other hand, being the director of a company might not be as much fun as it appears to be from the outside. For example, you have countless things that you have to think about at all times, such as the finances of your company. Normally, this isn’t too much of an issue; however, it can become a huge issue when you get a letter about a director penalty notice.

These letters typically arrive when you either are, or were, a director of a company that has now run into some financial issues. More often than not, this involves the company owing money. Usually, there are multiple directors contacted when a director penalty notice comes out, but many of them don’t respond. This is what the ATO counts on, as they will file a statement of claim against you. If you do not respond to this, you will end up losing a significant amount of money, as well as your reputation. When you are faced with such a letter, you should immediately begin considering a director penalty notice defence. The sooner you get on defending yourself, the better your chances are. Thankfully, there are numerous forms of defence, such as a letter that you can send to the ATO.

What Does the Letter Involve?

When you find yourself needing to write a director penalty notice defence letter, you might not know where you should go, or what you should do. This can add to the current stress of dealing with such a letter, which is something that nobody wants. You should take some time to find a place that offers a reliable letter template for you to use. Once you have found a sufficient letter, you can begin making your defence. There are several different things you need to think about including in your letter, from the reason why you believe that the letter is wrong in the first place to what the correct version would be. In some cases, if you find yourself at a loss as to how you should write a letter, a professional will be more than willing to help you out.

There are a few major reasons why people choose to write these letters. In some cases, it is because the information and calculations on the penalty notice itself were incorrect. In other cases, it might be that part of the money needed has already been paid off and that you do not need to be contacted about it. Of course, the exact reason that you write such a letter is entirely dependent on your company and the situation it is in. With that being said, if you ever find yourself not knowing what to say, you should rely on a professional for assistance.

How Can a Professional Help You Out?

Professionals who specialise in handling director penalty notice defences will be more than happy to work with you and your situation to ensure that everything you put into your defence is accurate and beneficial for your business. Choosing to rely on a professional, even when you simply need help writing the defence, is one of the best things you can do for your business.