What To Do After a Car Accident

In America’s oldest city of St. Petersburg, there’s no exception to the rule that when driving during rush hour, it is rare to rush anywhere. Traffic jams are factored into your commute and you’ve likely creeped past many fender benders on your way to or from the office. What if it happens to you? Do you know what to do if your vehicle is involved in a minor collision on your way home?

Move to a Safe Area if Possible

After impact, if you and the rest of your passengers are okay do your best to move out of the way of oncoming traffic. If you can move to the shoulder of the road do so. Either way, you will need to turn on your hazards to indicate a problem. This way other drivers will give you the space you need.

If it appears that you, your passengers or people in the other vehicle(s) are injured, dial 911 immediately.

Gather and Exchange Information

Keep a notebook in your glove compartment in case you are ever in an accident. It is important to write down as much information as you can. The following are things you want to record:

Names of people involved
License plate numbers
Make and model of vehicles
Insurance information
Witness information
Responding police offer names and bade ID numbers

In addition to taking notes, don’t forget pictures. Use your cell phone to take images of the cars, the damage, the debris in the road, skid marks, etc.

Know Which Experts To Call

While waiting for the police, call your insurance company and they can direct you how to file a claim. They may ask to speak to the reporting officer for more details. If you have been injured in the collision, you may also want to call a car accident lawyer in St. Petersburg Florida who will work with the insurance adjusters to help you get compensation.

Know When To Go Back for Help

Not all injuries are immediately apparent. In the days following the accident, pay attention to new pain and go to a doctor as quickly as possible to assess if there are any delayed symptoms from the car accident. This will not only be better for your health but also for your claim if the doctor can confirm that the problem was caused by the impact.

Car accidents are unexpected and can be traumatic, but with the help of the experts you can rest a little easier. Whether you are the victim of a collision or involved in a more complicated situation, you don’t have to face the aftermath alone.