Why Couples should have a Premarital Agreement

Without having a premarital agreement, the notion of a divorce can be scary. Many couples get married without any intention of ending their marriage in divorce. People try to believe that they can beat the statistics and last as a couple forever. Unfortunately, the statistics speak for themselves, as over forty percent of marriages in the United States end in a divorce. The statistics get even worse for second and third marriages, where roughly sixty percent of second marriages end in divorce and over seventy percent of third marriages end in divorce. In this article, we will explore the benefits of having a premarital agreement and how it could benefit your marriage.

The notion that having a prenuptial or premarital agreement is an indication that the marriage will certainly end in divorce cannot be more wrong. Typically, couples that sit down and make a premarital agreement have a higher chance of success in their marriage than couples that do not go through this planning process. Prenuptial agreements do not necessarily mean that you do not trust your partner, but rather you want to make the tough decisions at the peak of your love. It is known that a happy person is more likely to make a fair and balanced decision than a person that is either hurt or angry. If your soon-to-be spouse is worried that a premarital agreement is bad, then you should ask if they would rather battle these decisions in court or through lawyers. Many times this argument is enough to convince a couple to write a premarital agreement.

Prenuptial agreements can cover many aspects of a marriage. There are however some topics that cannot be included in a prenuptial agreement. Courts will not recognize a prenuptial agreement for custody or child support cases. What can be included is vast enough to better understand your partner and the life decisions that they are willing to make for the marriage. It is also important to note that when it comes to financial terms in a prenuptial agreement, the agreement can only cover assets and wealth that you have in your possession. Prenuptial agreements cannot cover any wealth or asset that is accumulated after your marriage. There are conditions for family inheritance that can be included. To better understand prenuptial agreements make sure to check out http://kenphillipslaw.com/divorce-in-tennessee.

Couples can also benefit from creating a prenuptial agreement in ways that are not directly tied to divorces. A great example of this is that couples can determine what religion, or lack of religion, they would like for their children to practice. Plus, couples can decide if one parent should stay home and not work in the event that they have children. These are big decisions that should be discussed before getting married, and prenuptial agreements provide a great opportunity to have these discussions. It would be best to know where your partner stands on some of these decisions before getting married. Many times prenuptial agreements encounter problems that could have been disastrous later in a marriage.